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About Us

Printmycity was created by two students from Groningen, Dennis (27) and Mark (23) who met during an event called Startup Weekend in 2016.

At the time, Dennis had just moved into a new apartment and was looking to decorate it but couldn't find a poster of the small Dutch town he was from. So he decided to design his own custom poster, in the style that he liked. He found a printing company and was very impressed with the quality. His friends started asking him where he bought the poster so together with Mark they decided to develop an editor where people can create their own unique posters.

In January 2017, Dennis and Mark started printmijnstad.nl, where quality, personality and ease of use come together. In August 2019, they started the international version, Printmycity.

Since then, PrintMijnStad and PrintMyCity users have generated over 10,000 posters!  


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